Criminal Law

Circumstantial, Direct and Relevant Evidence

All evidence must be relevant in order for it to be admissible. There are numerous instances when relevant evidence is not admissible for various reasons including hearsay. Evidence itself falls into one of two categories, direct or circumstantial.

Ex Post Facto Laws

An ex post facto law is a law that provides for punishment for an act that was committed when the act was not illegal. Additionally, an ex post facto law includes:


A person commits the offense of gambling when he or she makes a bet on the result of a game or contest or on the performance of a participant in the game or contest; when he or she makes a bet on the result of a political nomination, appointment, or election, or on the success of any political nominee, candidate, or appointee; or when he or she plays and bets for money or for any item of value on any game that is played with cards, dice, balls, or other gambling devices.

Aiding and Abetting Illegal Aliens and Employment of Illegal Aliens

An illegal alien is a person born in a foreign country who has come into the United States by way of improper channels. Illegal aliens may enter the United States by crossing the Mexican or Canadian border. They are also smuggled in by means of transportation by roadway or waterway.


In some states, a person commits an offense if he or she sells, rents, leases, or lends a handgun to another person with the knowledge that the person intends to use the handgun unlawfully or intends to use the handgun in the commission of an unlawful act. A “handgun” for purposes of this offense is any firearm that is designed, made, or adapted to be fired with one hand, such as a pistol or a revolver.

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