Denton Computer Crime Lawyer

Denton Computer Crime Attorney

Internet crimes are one of the fastest growing areas of criminal prosecutions. The Media and political pressure has caused more investigators and prosecutors to be assigned to handle computer/ internet related crimes than ever before. Individuals caught up in the law enforcement net find themselves facing new, tougher laws and prosecutors determined to make a statement about so called “internet predators”.

At the Law Office of Earl Dobson we have experience in computer crime allegations. The first step is often to hire a forensic computer expert to assist in filtering out what evidence can be linked to the accused and what evidence cannot. Once we have a complete picture about what the evidence would show at trial, we decide if a plea or trial is the overall plan

For a free consultation with Board Certified Criminal Lawyer Earl Dobson either fill out the contact form to the left or call the phone number at the top of the page. In the consultation we will evaluate your case and discuss:

  • The different types of offenses and levels of punishment the prosecution might pursue
  • If a forensic computer investigator would help us prepare a more accurate picture of what occurred.
  • Trial strategies and our likelihood of prevailing with them.
  • If there are any illegal search or entrapment issues with the law enforcement procedures


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