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Being arrested in Denton County for a drug related offense can cost you your job, driver’s license or even your freedom. Most drug offenses are categorized by the type of drug, the amount of drug alleged and whether the allegation involves possession, delivery or possession with intent to deliver.

Drug offenses can also present many possible defenses and problems for law enforcement. If the police didn’t follow the proper procedures, cases may be dismissed on illegal search and seizure challenges. It is common practice in drug offenses for law enforcement to employ informants to gather information and if this is not done properly the defense may challenge the case on these grounds.

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At the Law of Office of Earl Dobson, we are able to quickly and accurately evaluate drug offense issues and map out an appropriate strategy. Earl Dobson is Board Certified in Criminal Law with over 15 years experience and has handled thousands of drug offenses of all different types and levels of seriousness. Earl Dobson has held the positions of Narcotics Prosecutor with two different District Attorney’s offices and has overseen and counseled police officers investigating drug offenses. We will put this experience to work for you in determining what the best plan of action is in your case.

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For a free consultation and evaluation with Earl Dobson to discuss your options after a drug offense charge, either fill out the contact form to the left or call the phone number at the top of the page. In the consultation, we will discuss:

  • If there are any search and seizure issues
  • If proper police procedure was followed especially with the use of informants
  • Whether a plea or trial is in your best interest


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