Denton Sex Crimes

Just the accusation of being a sex offender can completely and totally destroy your life. You must take steps immediately to defend yourself when the allegation involves a sex offense because society often presumes people guilty of sex crimes before they even set foot in a courthouse. Any type of conviction for most sex offenses carries “hard time” jail sentences and even probated sentences carry the enormous burden of having to register as a sex offender.

At the Law Office of Earl Dobson you will receive aggressive representation from an attorney who has handled all types of sex offenses. Earl Dobson served as the Vice/Obscenity Prosecutor for Denton County and was the trial prosecutor in Carmell v. Texas which was heard on appeal by the U.S. Supreme Court. We know how prosecutors build their cases on sex offenses and where the potential mistakes and weaknesses are.

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  • The type and level of accusations you are facing
  • Defenses and weaknesses in the States case against you
  • Whether a trial or plea bargain would be the proper strategy
  • What the possible outcomes would be

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